BMW M4 Coupé by Milltek


Arriva un sistema di scarico Milltek Sport per la BMW M4

Milltek sounds good!
Milltek Sport, esperto mondiale dei sistemi di scarico, ha presentato i dettagli del suo nuovo scarico in acciaio inossidabile rifinito a mano per la top di gamma sportiva di casa BMW, la M4.
Il reparto ricerca e sviluppo di Milltek Sport ha impiegato diversi mesi per perfezionare uno scarico che garantisse un perfetto equilibrio di look, potenza e sound, capace di dare alla M4 una colonna sonora degna del suo Dna.


L’urlo che fa la differenza
Forti di una grande esperienza sul campo, gli ingegneri Milltek dimostrano ancora una volta di saperci fare con le Bavaresi del reparto M. Il nuovo scarico Milltek Sport, infatti, esaltano sia il sound sia le performance del già potente cuore di questa tedesca, un “classico” 3.0 a sei cilindri sovralimentato con doppio turbocompressore e tecnologia M TwinPower Turbo. Il nuovo sistema di scarico, con diametro finale da 70 mm e realizzato in acciaio inox da 1,2 mm di spessore, adotta l’innovativa tecnologia delle valvole Milltek, progettate per integrarsi perfettamente con l’elettronica dell’auto e capaci di offrire performance più sportive e aggressive. Gli scarichi della M4 sono disponibili nella versione in titanio lucido o in quella nero opaco in Cerakote.


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Milltek Sport Releases BMW M4 Performance Exhaust System

World-renouned performance exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has released details of its hand-finished stainless steel exhaust system for BMW’s range-topping M4. As the must-have tuner car of the moment, Milltek Sport has taken many weeks and months of focussed R&D time to perfect a system that balances looks, power and a sublime soundtrack in an attractive package.
Having already created several solutions for other recently released M-powered cars, Milltek’s engineers already have enviable experience in getting the best from Munich’s finest power-plants. Therefore, this new system uses the existing and well-proven EC approved cat back technology, but with the added functionality of Milltek’s latest valve technology, utilising OE spec BMW electronic valves in its construction – still controlled via the factory command systems.

In fact, these intelligent new valves have been designed to seamlessly integrate with the car’s central electronics, enabling a more sporty and aggressive tone when either “Sport” or “Sport Plus” modes are selected, but when the vehicle is left in “Comfort” or “Eco Pro” modes, a more subtle and OEM-esque note is produced, making for sophisticated and refined cruising comfort, even at high speed.


The new system has been designed around carefully optimised dual 70mm pipework which features a thoughtfully calculated 1.2mm wall thickness to ensure minimal weight. Each system is hand finished from aerospace grade, non-magnetic stainless-steel pipework, which in testing, offered the best balance between flow and back pressure for maximum throttle response. Tips wise, the tastefully-styled GT tips perfectly fill the M4’s rear valance and are available in either polished, Titanium or Cerakote black finishes.

“Finally bitten the bullet and had primary cat back Milltek exhaust fitted. Exhaust is only slightly louder than stock, nicely bassy at low revs, nice howl at higher revs. Main thing I changed the exhaust for… no drone. Used to suffer nasty in cabin drone at 2300-2800 revs, now long journeys are a real pleasure instead of having to keep the revs above or below the drone band.”


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