BMW M4 Pyrite by IND


IND apre la caccia all’oro con la M4 Pyrite, un esempio di perfetto equilibrio tra tecnologia, potenza e design impeccabile

È possibile creare un’auto che sia allo stesso tempo confortevole e con un look da supersportiva? Con oltre 550 CV ma facile da controllare in ogni situazione? Per gli esperti della IND la risposta è sì: gli specialisti del tuning hanno deciso di realizzare una elegante creatura dalla duplice natura e l’hanno vestita di un elegante e allo stesso tempo aggressivo color Pyrite Brown dalla tonalità assolutamente nuova.

Un colore prezioso, un cuore versatile
Come sempre, la IND ha fatto un ottimo lavoro sulla M4, trasformandola in un sogno dalle altissime prestazioni, capace di offrire un’esperienza di guida dinamica e con un’eleganza insuperabile garantita dal color Pyrite.

Pyrite M4

La IND ha chiesto anche l’aiuto degli esperti della 3D, che hanno impreziosito la linea originale della M4 con elementi estetici quali minigonne, scarichi posteriori e spoiler. Le griglie frontali e laterali in nero lucido, unite alle finiture in carbonio, completano l’immagine d’impatto della M4 Pyrite. A questo si aggiungono i cerchi BBS FI-R.

Caratteristiche tecniche:

  • sospensioni KW Variant 3 che garantiscono un assetto aggressivo e ottimo controllo su strada
  • sistema di scarico Eisenmann
  • cambio manuale a 6 marce
  • cerchi BBS FI-R, un vero capolavoro di ingegneria automobilistica moderna
  • pneumatici Falken (anteriori 275 e posteriori 295)


Searching for gold: IND creates the first evolution of a Pyrite M4

IND is a master in creating cars that challenge the traditional notions of a street car. Could they create something visually race-inspired but maintained full street creature comforts? Is it possible to generate over 550 hp at the rear wheels, and still have a docile behaviour around a road course?

IND decided to create a car that was the definition of dual purpose, but with an elegant presentation. Pyrite Brown colour was the best possible choice. This color’s striking brown and gold hue make a completely unique statement.

This Pyrite M car arrived at IND mid-winter, after waiting for BMW’s individual program to apply the special paint color and assemble the car. Unwrapping this special car was incredibly rewarding, revealing the incredible paint with every inch of protective film removed. IND specialist knew then that this car would be something truly unique.

This M4 evolved in stages as the owner acclimated to the car both on the street and in a road course environment. The impetus for its first stage of development was a single phone call. When BBS of America reaches out to create something exciting to introduce their brand new FI-R wheel at the BimmerFest show, you do everything in your power to comply. IND knew that they had to modify this M4 in such a way that it would perform incredibly well, provide its owner with a very dynamic driving experience, and yet stay within the confines of the elegant feel that the Pyrite color provides.

Pyrite M4

They looked to 3D design to provide them with an exterior package that would complement the M4’s original bodylines, while adding some additional presence to the bottom of the car. The full pre-preg carbon front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, and trunk spoiler all contribute to the car’s visual impact. Gloss black front and side grilles were added to complement the carbon fiber below them.

KW’s Variant 3 suspension was added to provide an aggressive stance while simultaneously maintaining an excellent ride quality and the M4’s dynamic handling. An Eisenmann rear section with the always recognizable signature tips granted us a dynamic roar while driving through this car’s 6 manually shifted gears.

Finally, all of these components came together to highlight one of the most impressive pieces of automotive aftermarket engineering in recent history: the BBS FI-R wheel. As you probaly know, the FI-R is absolutely unique in its construction, being the first production wheel in the world to take advantage of extensive engineering analysis to remove weight in an area previously untouched by performance wheel manufacturers. IND was privileged and honoured to receive the first M4 fitment FI-R wheel set in the world, just days before the BimmerFest show. 275 width front and 295 width rear Falken tires maximized the available space under the M4’s massive fenders and quarter panels and granted this car impeccable balance in performance driving.